Everything happens…when the Timing is Just Perfect

I usually don’t buy anything other than bare necessities.

That said, I bought this flask during my Summer trip to India in 2014.

Since we moved to Austin right after I returned from India that summer, the flask ended up in a box.

Kumar found it for me in Summer 2016.

Then, for a few months it ended up in the back of the pantry.

Today evening, my buddy Rohit Dhamankar brought over some exotic milk with several types of nutes and other goodies to give to our friend Vijai who has been toiling away for over 12 hours to support Adi with one of his music projects.

We also decided to take some of that exotic milk to our friend Jyotsna in the flask.

I am completely elated with this moment of inauguration of the flask.

A two and half year wait to get started with this flask.
Then arrives this perfect day and the perfect delicacy to put in the flask.

The perfect moment.
Just perfect.

Not too soon.
Not too late.

Everything happens…when the timing is just perfect.

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