Fancy Olive Oil

As much as I love fine food and adore the folks who make it, I was never intent on cooking fine food.

The simple reason being…I always have had access to excellent food. Family and friends cook yummy food that I can partake off.
Works out alright? Right?

In the midst of this “I ain’t cooking anything fancy” mode that I have managed to pull off for over 2 decades, God decides to throw a curve ball.

He drops a chow-loving friend into my life….who loves to cook…and…wait for it…here is the kicker….who expects me to learn how to cook better for the boys?!

I don’t want to break the dude’s heart and say – “Ain’t happening in this lifetime buddy. Nada da.”

Instead, as always, I put on my fancy act. I pretend to like fine things like this Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy. Just the other day, I threw some into the ravioli like a pro.

The things one has to do for one’s friends. Dang. Never ends?!

P.S. Psstt. Don’t tell Rohit about this post. He’ll cut my fancy food quota if he finds out that I am faking the love for the fancy dancy oil.

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