On Waiting

In Tamil: paartha idathilellaam-unnai poalavae paavai theriyudhadi
(rough English translation) Everywhere I look-your semblance emerges in everything

My respect for single parents has been renewed this week.
It is 2nd week of back-to-school.
Utter craziness between work and the boys.
Primarily because Kumar was out of town and I was on lone-warrior duty.

I can write more. But, don’t have to. Because, there is a song by one of my favorite poets that captures the very essence of the heart ache involved in waiting for a loved one.

It is called “Theertha karaiyinilye”. Even if you don’t understand Tamil, the pathos in the song will tug at your heartstrings. A female version rendered by Oscar nominee Bombay S Jayashri

Theertha karaiyinilye – song in Tamil, english transliteration and translation can be found here.

Poet Bharathiyar created an entire category of songs for women- titled “Kannamma” songs. Kannamma is also a female name in Tamil and also used as a term of endearment for both male and female. These songs, ranging from inspirational to romantic captured the writer’s emotions at various times in his life. The lyrics are complex and rich and powerful.

So, I wait here for him. On the boundless verge of time. To drop by anytime now, knock on the door and relieve me from lone-warrior duty.

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