Jasmines are Fragrant

How can I capture the beauty and the fragrance of these jasmines and the heart of the beautiful person who strung these jasmines.
How do I?

How can sheer words capture the beauty of our life experiences?
How do I start out saying “Jasmines are fragrant. They are a sign of prosperity in a woman’s life. They are worn on woman’s hair almost every day in South India.”

Those are such boring sentences to capture how I feel about this strand of jasmines.

Have you sometimes felt so overwhelmed about something so simple….yet so beautiful…it brings you to tears and you are at a loss of words.

That is how I feel about this strand of jasmines.

Today evening, I found myself today sitting beside my friend CK.
She pulled out this strand of jasmines.
Then, she pulled open a couple of slides/pins.
Then, she put the jasmine on my hair.

She has had a crazy busy week. So, her thoughtfulness in stringing the jasmines together..and given the zillion things she had to get done for the event today….the fact that she didn’t forget to bring the slide/pin to hold up the jasmine…..I find that more overwhelming than the fragrance and beauty of the jasmines.

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