At Omkara Ganapathy Temple on Ganesh Chaturthi Day

I have a thing for temples.

I am not religious. But, I still have a thing for any place of worship. One can’t deny that there is a reason that humanity gathers at these designated places of worship…to thank, to pray and to gain strength.

Many years ago, during a Thaipoosam walk, my friend Balu Rajagopal talked about a Hindu Temple in a city called Temple(!?) in Texas. He talked about the origins. He talked about bringing the Omkara Ganapathy statue in the temple. He spoke so vividly about the Kumbabishekam.

I shared with him my fascination for Concord Murugan Temple (the temple that was our destination after an 18 hour Thaipoosam walk that day).

I never thought that life will eventually lead me to move close to Balu’s much talked about Omkara Ganapathy Temple in Temple, Texas.
Not only that.
Somehow, this month, my fate/destiny/choice (or whatever else you decide to call it), made sure I stood in front of Omkara Ganapathy Temple, in utter awe, on Ganesh Chaturthi Day.

As I get older, I am completely mystified about these chance happenings in life…that don’t seem like chance after all.

Hope y’all had a great Ganesh Chaturthi Day!

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