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We first became facebook friends through our common friend Rajesh Setty. We have only met once over coffee in Chennai. But, we are fast friends….we are what used to be called pen-pals. We don’t write each other regularly. But, when we do….there is a deep connection because we share similar ideas and views on life. That is what has made us fast friends that live 10K miles away.

I call him endearingly Mani.
He is not just Mani.
He is Dr. Mani.

Today, I am delighted to let you know that my brilliant buddy Dr. Mani is launching his new book. It’s called THE ICEDROP.

Who is Dr. Mani?

He is a pediatric heart surgeon, fundraiser, author and entrepreneur. He blogs at and has written sixty-four books including two novels. Most of Dr.Mani’s writing is intended to help readers just like us discover how to find our inner greatness and pursue your dreams to achieve success, happiness and fulfillment. He is actively engaged in spreading awareness about congenital heart disease (CHD) and raising funds to sponsor treatment for under-privileged children in India. His efforts to raise funds involve writing, and a share of the profits from all book sales go towards helping a child live. The Dr.Mani Children Heart Foundation at is a non-profit organization that, through donations from generous supporters, has funded heart surgery in over 120 children – with many more to follow. This was made possible by readers who have bought, read and enjoyed the books Dr.Mani has authored and published.

What is the Icedrop about?

Following in the footsteps of Richard Bach’s “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”, “The Icedrop” is an allegorical novel that shares a story that will resonate within you, and reveal the Truth.

It’s a story for people who are confused and uncertain about whether it’s okay to follow their hearts… people who wonder if they’re the only square pegs in round holes… people who feel instinctively that there’s got to be more to life than what they’ve experienced: they’ll be right there with Adrian as he trickles, flows and then cascades down from a mountain top to the bottom of an ocean… learning, growing and being guided in the same way as a curious icedrop.

Freed from a glacier within which he’s been trapped for years, young Adrian Icedrop is inspired by a mentor to pursue his dream and live out his destiny.

He sets out on a long journey. Along the way, Adrian meets many people, makes new friends and experiences things he’s never imagined. After weeks of adventure and self-discovery, he reaches his destination – 40,000 leagues under the sea. There he will meet the Grand Water Drop… who refers him to a Higher Authority… where finally, Adrian hears a message that stuns and transforms him.

It’s a message that will free YOU, too – as you unlock the mystery and magic of existence. Read “The Icedrop” today.

This is a story to let you fly higher, go further, live bigger than you’ve ever dreamed.

John Harricharan, award-winning author of ‘Morning Has Been All Night Coming’ and ‘The Power Pause’ said this about ‘The Icedrop’:

“I read your new book and found it very exciting, peaceful and ‘Learning Full’. It is a brilliant piece of work filled with wisdom, joy, hope and all good things… If I were to underline the most important parts of this volume, I would have to underline the entire book. Everyone should read this book and share it with those who matter most.”

Links about Dr. Mani, his books and Icedrop

Learn more about Dr.Mani’s books at his author page and
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Interview with Dr. Mani

Q: Tell us something about your new book
Dr.Mani: ‘The Icedrop’ is more than just a book, or a guide, or a course. It is all of these and more. Not many times does something change your life and the way you look at it. This book has the potential to do it.
It isn’t something that I put together on the spur of the moment. The message shared in this book took years to learn. It didn’t come to me in a flash of inspiration or enlightenment. Thirty years of life experiences stand behind these timeless concepts.

As a heart surgeon for children, who later changed gears to also take on roles of non-profit fund raiser, writer, entrepreneur and coach, my career has seen many twists and turns driven by ambition, and a desire to face and conquer challenges.

Along the way, I learned many lessons. Some were painless. Others, painful. A positive attitude towards enquiring, learning, testing out and confirming these lessons is what this book is about.

From this rich experience were distilled the concepts which I highlight throughout ‘THE ICEDROP’. Concepts that could change the way you see things – forever. Simple shifts to the way you think, that will help you harness your real power and true potential. Patterns of behaviour that will convince you that it’s ok to follow your heart.

Q: What prompted you to write it at this moment in time?
Dr.Mani: Well, ”The Icedrop” has been almost 15 years in the making!
When I first started writing it, I had returned from extensive travels around the world to finish my medical training. There was plenty of learning compressed into that 5 year period, as I went from London to Australia, and returned to India but moved to a different city – before coming back home.

A few years before this, my friend John Harricharan, a widely acclaimed and reputed author who has penned some classics including “THE POWER PAUSE” and “MORNING HAS BEEN ALL NIGHT COMING”, encouraged me to share my ideas about harnessing emotion to tackle difficult life situations. He urged me to write from the unique perspective of a doctor, a heart specialist.

So I did. And ‘The Emotion Prism’ was very popular among readers. That encouraged me to start on another work with a similar, if not related, message.

I had no idea back then that it would stretch out to so many years, and that the book itself would grow and evolve along with me!

Q: Are these concepts something new, something that you discovered or developed?
Dr.Mani: Absolutely not. These truths, concepts and philosophies are universal. They are eternal, have existed for ever so long. All I have done in my book is to write about these concepts and illustrate them using an allegory – the travels of Adrian Ice Drop.
Q: So then what makes your book particularly interesting?

Dr.Mani: What’s new in this book, and unique too, is that the message is presented as a story – in a way that is enjoyable to read, simple to digest and easy to embrace. As a reader, you’re able to relate better to an Icedrop’s story than a dull, dry discourse or lecture.

Q: I was intrigued by the title – ‘The Icedrop’. How did you decide upon it?
Dr.Mani: The choice of title is representative of the book itself. A water drop is familiar. But an “ice drop”?
Still, think about it. Ice is just another form of water. It melts to flow, then vaporizes to float. It takes different forms, acquires different properties, to achieve different results. Yet it’s essentially the same thing… with the same power, potential and capabilities.

It’s just like that with you, and me, and everybody else.

That’s the reason why we can relate to Adrian Ice Drop. Imagine ourselves as being on the journey he takes. Identify with the different forms he adopts along his travels.

And finally, if ‘THE ICEDROP’ helps reveal the true potential lying within you, it will have been worth writing.

Q: The style of your writing is interesting too. Was it a deliberate choice to present these powerful lessons in the form of a story, as casual conversations?
Dr.Mani: Everyone loves to listen to a story. It makes the process more enjoyable, entertaining, fun. Much more so than listening to a dry discourse or studying a “how-to” manual. Far from diluting the message, this style makes it simpler to follow and understand.

Q: And I’ve wondered… are the experiences you’ve used to illustrate some points actually personal? Did they happen to you?
Dr.Mani: No author can feel strongly about something he or she hasn’t experienced. I use some examples from my own life, ones that have affected the way I looked at things – my career choices, behavior and relationships, financial and business activities, everything. And I think this powerful emotion conveys itself to readers through the book, and adds impact to the message I’m trying to share.
But they aren’t exclusively based on my own life. As a doctor and entrepreneur, I’ve had the privilege of interacting with thousands of people. And I’ve drawn from their experiences, too.

Q: Your life and career has been unique. A heart surgeon treating kids with life-threatening conditions. An entrepreneur, fund raiser, and writer. But not all people will face such diversity or drama or trauma regularly. Is this a limitation of your book?
Dr.Mani: Not really. The examples used to highlight the message, all the lessons, ideas and concepts discussed in ‘The Icedrop’, are equally relevant to everybody.

Q: Tell me, what sort of people will find these lessons useful?
Dr.Mani: In a word – Everyone.
The reason is simple. These truths are universal. They should – and will – benefit you, no matter who you are, where you live, or what you do. People from different professions, ethnic groups, countries, religions and cultures have benefited from them. You can too.

And if you’re thinking this is going to be a complex, lengthy, difficult process – stop. Nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed the danger with a book like this is that you might think these ideas are too simple to really work.

Q: I have been one of the lucky people to review your book before it was published, and have already started thinking differently. For someone hearing this message for the first time, it is a little difficult to change the way we think about things. Do you have any suggestions to make it easier?
Dr.Mani: The simple concepts that will form the crux of your strategy to transform your life are not at all complicated. To understand and apply them, you don’t need to be a genius. Anyone can learn to use them. But it takes time.
It is always difficult to accept something new, something different. Old habits die hard. But if you persist they can be beaten. If at first you have some difficulty with wrapping your head around these concepts, remember your life will be much better when you’ve learned – and accepted – how powerful you really are.

Oh, and be patient. Don’t give up. Change, especially inner change, can be a slow process. But give it time, and it will happen.

Q: Thank you very much for discussing your new book, ‘The Icedrop’, with us. I’m sure many more people will benefit from the lessons you teach in it. How can one order a copy?
Dr.Mani: The book is currenly available only in electronic format for immediate download from – click here to order now

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