2 years…since we arrived in Austin

2 years…since we arrived in Austin.

I would like to say we arrived in style….but nothing would be further from the truth.

We were tired from driving 1800 miles.

At the CA end, we had said tearful goodbyes to our dear friends.

At the Austin end, a stranger named Ravi C (my SIL Rema’s friend) showed up at our apartment to welcome a crazy family that had decided to leave everything familiar behind and start over. It takes one to know one. I think Ravi showed up to show his support and approval because he had done a similar move several years ago.

We brought minimal supplies…the kind you would take on a weekend camping trip.

The rest at they say, is history.

We have been welcomed into people’s hearts and homes with such warmth. Thank you to all my sweethearts that carry such a sweet heart. Y’all make Austin weird and fun for me and the family.

I still continue to miss CA friends. But, for now, Austin is home.

I wonder how long this Austin life will last…before we pick up and decide to be a nomad again. It doesn’t matter….because as long as this lasts, I’ll make every moment count.

The story so far:

Leaving CA:

Finding Austin to be another home:

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