Summer Camp – How to Handle LIFE as it Happens

There is no summer camp that teaches “here is how to handle LIFE as it happens”.

So, I resort to what Daddy did when I was very young. He taught me how to use the tools that he had around the house. He also trusted me to do many handy things around the house.

Kumar jokes that the hottest girl ever is one who knows how to use a spanner and a screwdriver when the plumbing is broke.

Well, I don’t think Daddy would like it said that way πŸ˜‰ Nevertheless, I am sure he would be proud to see his daughter pass on his life-skills lessons to his grandsons.

Tell me about a small practical skill that you learnt that has come to use in your life. Or, tell me about a practical life skill that you are teaching yourself or your kids.

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