To Strive To Seek To Find

#‎tostrive‬ ‪#‎toseek‬ ‪#‎tofind‬

Through all the ups and downs,
through the sunny and windy days,
through the stormy and rainy days,
through the stable and unstable days,

I’ll give everything a shot that it deserves,
I’ll do whatever it takes,
I’ll walk with you,
I’ll move across the world or country…
just because you ask me to and because you put your hand in mine when I asked for it a long time ago.

He doesn’t say anything like the above mentioned lines.
He doesn’t have to…
because he lives like that everyday.

Now, if only, I could do the same for him.

Well, soon.
Some day in the near future, I’ll pick up and go wherever he wants me to.

Until that day arrives, I know he’ll continue to roam the world with me… wherever I want us to go.

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