Let us Celebrate all the Small Wins

We had a rather long day and a longer evening.

I cheered the boys up with some rather cheesy messages today.

Also, to let the boys know how much I appreciate them, I cut some pieces of this devilish looking (and tasting!) pie for a late night snack.

I don’t do this often. It is sporadic. So, when I do dole out the pie…it is a real treat.

There were no wins today. But, I wanted to show my appreciation for their focus, effort and stamina. Because, those are the TRUE wins.

If we dole out cheap participation certificates and medals to everybody at every occasion possible….we are not really teaching the next generation about what real life is. Are we?

For the record, I am in the “Let us celebrate all the small wins. However, one has to earn it!” Camp.

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