Unorthodox Enjoyment of Music

There is something to be said about having friends. They send you all sorts of interesting stuff….like music/song selections…all sorts. I like some and I hate some….but, the good news is, there is always a steady stream of new music that finds its way into my music player.

So, here is my latest addiction.

I am trying to influence Adi to play this song on the piano by playing it on my music player a zillion times.

Adi told me that the song is Chatushra Jathi Eka Talam (4 beats per measure).

As much as Kumar likes me liking this song, he doesn’t like Adi and I trying to explore Talam (rhythm/beats) for all these “non-carnatic” songs. He thinks I am being a bad influence on Adi by teaching him how to be “unorthodox” in music.


I like to think of it as fulfilling an important parenting duty – encouraging a child to love music in all forms, to see patterns (leading up to brain growth) and to be creative.

Also, quite honestly, I don’t care about the so-called elitists or elitist mentality to music anymore. I am too grown up and too much of a “let us think outside the box” person for that bull-shit. The elitists can take their freakin’ “music follows centuries old boundaries” speech to their grave.

I, for one, will be, exploring new music everyday and seeing beautiful patterns. And, that is exactly what I’ll teach the boys to do.

What about YOU?

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