Budding Thespian

In today’s world, where education has become a race to nowhere, when course selection is based on college plans and maximizing GPA, I find myself with the responsibility to raise a son who is an outlier.

When he picked (last year around this time) Theater and Arts as one of the electives, both Kumar and I gave him our thumbsup.

Adi invited us to his school play today evening. He is a born performer. He has also been very lucky to fine tune his stage skills by many of my kind friends who have given him plenty of opportunities. So, I knew he would rock the show.

He completely blew my mind away and stunned the audience with his dialogue delivery and veteran-thespian-like skills.

I hope that I’ll continue to have the common sense (which is very uncommon) to let him explore the world and not worry about silly stuff like “what counts”.

If you ever fear that I am moving to the dark side of parenting, please pour some cold water on my head, slap me a couple of times and knock some sense into me. I will be grateful.

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