Writing is very Lonely Work

Writing is very lonely work.

You sit at your laptop and bleed your heart out.
(Not my phrase, it is Hemingway’s)

You don’t do it for anybody on this planet.
You do it simply to cope with the craziness of life.
You write to heal yourself.

And, then, you does the most courageous thing.
You put it out on ether.

Most times, you don’t know what happens on the other side of ether.
But, sometimes you do.

A message here.
A pat on the back there.
A “let me buy you dinner” offer.

Suddenly, a week arrives, when you have a triple whammy.
Out of the blue.
For no obvious reason.

You add a flood of subscribers.
Your pins get repinned.
And, then, when you are completely under-dressed and rushing through an aisle, a stranger walks up to you, says “Hello” as if they have known you their entire life and proceeds to explain in detail about how you have touched their heart with a post that you have long forgotten about.

Well, some weeks are good.

Thank you for reading.

Happy Friday!

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