Isn’t Life about Second Chances?

God is super smart.
Wherever he is.

I also bet he is putting big data analytics to use.
How else would he know that I went through my first time second-grade-parent experience in a rush?

He has figured it all out.
He wants me to make amends.

So, guess what?

He is giving me a second chance to go to second grade musicals and thoroughly enjoy them.

Today morning, he somehow ensured that I showed up at this young fellow’s classroom musical titled earth Vs space mice.

Thank you God. You sure are keeping up with technology.

P.S. This post is intended with all due respect to God. I don’t mean to hurt anybody’s feelings with jest about God. I truly believe God gives us second chances. It is up to us to recognize those second chances, make the most of them and be eternally grateful.

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