Kumar’s BIG release = Cricket Match

This post is dedicated to all sports-loving-halves and sports-hating-halves-in-any-relationship.

Kumar has been telling me that there is a “BIG” release at work this last weekend.

After all these years with me, he fails to realizes how much I know (with my extensive reading and limited training) about psychology and reading both digital and body language (right to the eye movements!).

It is Saturday morning.
I am bustling around the Kumar household.
Getting things in order for the post-spring-break-back-to-routine storm that is going to hit us in a couple of days.

I make him a big cup of coffee to help him with handling the “BIG” release.

Kumar watching Cricket - Ambal Balakrishnan

He is intently focused on his laptop.
His headphones on.
His phone beside him.
See. To the untrained eye, it is so easy to buy the “BIG” release story. Is it not?

You don’t have to tell me.
I know. It is CRICKET. It is a “BIG” match.

So, I let him be.

I even humor him and endearingly ask him about “How is the release proceeding? Hope it is not too stressful.”

P.S. Don’t tell him I know about the fact that the “BIG” release = some completely — USELESS cricket match that India might be losing. Let the poor fellow be.

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