He Brings me Rocks

I think it has something to do with a man’s instinct….trying always his very best to please his girl.

It is not diamonds.
Just plain rocks.
Small rocks. Big Rocks. Shiny rocks. Coarse rocks.
All sort of rocks.
Just plain rocks.

He brings them to me almost every week.
Today the rock was from a field trip he came back from.

Once he caught me throwing (playfully!) his rock into the backyard and it broke his heart.
Ouch. I don’t want to break his heart.

So, despite my lean, mean and minimalist lifestyle, I find a place to put the rocks away in a big keep-sake box.

Even if it is not diamonds.
Even if it is just plain rocks.

I am glad Ari is getting started young.

Because, isn’t one of life’s craziest joys about trying to please the girl (or boy) that is special to your heart?!

So, later today, don’t forget to pick up that shiny rock (that looks like a diamond) to share with your sweetheart.

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