Bharathiyar’s Chinnanchiru Kiliye

Some poets pull the chords in your heart and bring about a myriad of emotions.

One of my favorite poets of all times is Bharathiyar. I think I might even have a huge crush on him.  His poetry has influenced my outlook on life. I want to live a free-spirited and forward-thinking life like him.

I try to share my love for Bharathiyar with the boys in small doses…a couplet here…and a couplet there. So, hopefully, one day they will sing it to the one who captures their heart.

When the boys kiss me, I end up singing
Lyrics in Tamil: கன்னத்தில் முத்தமிட்டால்-உள்ளந்தான் கள்வெறி கொள்ளுதடீ
English Transliteration: Kannathil muthamittal ullamthaan kalveri kolluthadi
English Translation: If I kiss you on your cheeks, my heart goes beserk as if it is drunk with liquor

When the boys are upset, I end up singing (Sickness in Winter)
English Transliteration: satrum mugam sivandhal – manadhu sanchalam aagudhadi
netri churukam kandal – enakku nenjam padhaikudhadi
English Translation: If your face turns to discomfort, even momentarily, my heart is disturbed
When I see your forehead wrinkle, my heart flutters with fear.

When the boys cry, I end up singing
Lyrics in Tamil: உன் கண்ணில் நீர்வழிந்தால்- என்நெஞ்சில் உத்திரங் கொட்டுதடி; கண்ணம்மா என்னுயிர் நின்னதன்றோ!
English Transliteration: unkannil neer vazhindhal – en nenjil udhiram kottudhadi
kannamma en uyir ninnadhanro?
English Translation: If I even see small droplets of tears in your eyes, a whole river of blood flows in my heart
(because) You’re the light of my eyes, my life is yours

Yesterday evening, I took the boys to Austin’s India Fine Arts first concert of spring series.  It was not 1 concert….but, 2 back-2-back concerts for 5 hours.

I lucked out. The artists wrapped up the concert with one of my favorites – Bharathiyar’s Chinnanchiru Kiliye Kannamma. Adi was in one of the first seats and captured this video.

Here are the artists featured in the video: Vidushi Shantala Subramanyam on Flute, Vidwan Vishaal R Sapuram on Chitravina, Vidwan Melakkaveri Balaji on Mridangam and Vidushi Sukkanya Ramgopal on Ghatam.

Because my sister-in-law Rema Hariharan hosted the visiting artists, I even got to hangout with them one of the evenings. They are not just talented. (As you know, I believe talent is over-rated.) The artists were so down-to-earth and such fun to get to know.

Thank you to Nagarajan Mama and Janaki Mami who are the pillars of carnatic music circuit in Austin. They move heaven and earth to bring talented artists to Austin. They make it possible for Adi to sit in the front row seats and get absorbed in the magic that happens as artists improvise and put to use every single technique that they have learnt over decades.

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  1. Please provide notation and lyrics for the song Chinnan ChiruKiliye of Sri Bharatiyar. That would be helpful. You can also mail it to my email

    Thank you.

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