Mad Rush through the Grocery Store Aisles

I’ll say it. I hate shopping. Any kind of shopping.

Over the years, Daddy or Kumar have been the ones to do all our grocery shopping.

If I do have to go shopping, here is what I do. I make a list. And, dash from the parking lot to the store and thru the aisles. I put myself through the self-check out aisle because I am so impatient and can’t wait for a cashier to be available. If none of the self-check out aisles are available, I run a freakin’ brilliant mental algorithm (don’t forget, I have two engineering degrees in computer science) that will tell me which cashier will be available first.

While dashing through the aisles, if I can’t find something, I don’t loiter and look. I ask one of the store reps who show me where what I am looking for is.

On some rare occasions, I have encountered a hearing impaired person. They have told me they couldn’t hear what I said and have taken me to another rep who could help me.

But, that is not what happened yesterday as I was doing my mad rush across Randall’s aisle. I met Daniel.

Hanging with Daniel at Randalls - Ambal Balakrishnan
Hanging with Daniel at Randalls

Ari wanted plums. So, I asked Daniel where the plums where. He didn’t bother to point out to me that he couldn’t hear. He did something brilliant.

He smiled and whipped up his phone. He went to his google search bar and put the phone near my mouth. I said “plums”. Google images pulled up pictures of plums. He signed to me they didn’t have plums this time of year. Then, I said “coconut”. Google images pulled up pictures of coconuts. He took me to the coconuts section..but they had run out.

By now, as you can tell, Daniel has made it to the top of my “adore a lot” list. So, I asked him to whip up his phone again. I said “Thank you”. Google images pulled up pictures of “thank you”. He blew me a kiss.

We took a picture together.

Then, I continued to do my mad rush.

I asked for the store manager and gave him a glowing review about Daniel.

I want to do either of these 2 things:
Option 1: Mark up March 14, 2016 as “The rare day I chit-chatted when shopping at grocery store” and continue with my mad-rush-shopping act for the rest of my life.
Option 2: Perhaps, go shopping more. Loiter more. Because, I don’t know how many more helpful Daniel’s I haven’t met. Before my time’s up on this planet, I do want to meet them all, I do want to make them feel that they made my day by helping me, I do want to make chit-chat (even if they can’t hear my loud voice) and I do want to get blown several kisses.

Tech ROCKS. Does it not? See….how the simple power of google images helps the helpful and resourceful Daniels of this world.

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