Happy Valentine’s Day

During my college days, one of my girl friend’s used to call me “konjum amathum konjum nanju” (English translation: “half nectar half poison”). As I connect the dots backwards, I can tell she was right on.

I am half there and half here with everything. For example, there is a part of me that doesn’t believe in any of the holidays and festivals. I am such a skeptic. Then, there is the other half of me that celebrates everything…every moment.

Choosing to celebrate and be in the moment might have something to do with raising kids. Everything is so charming with the boys are around – putting up the tree and lights during Christmas, looking for green socks during St. Patrick’s Day, assembling the Golu steps during Navarathri, doing hand made cards during Valentines Day….just about everything is so damn charming.

Speaking of Valentines Day, my little fellow has been painstakingly making hand made cards for all his buddies and classmates. He has drawn and colored a rainbow for a friend that likes rainbows. He has drawn and colored a piggy for a friend that likes pigs. And, on each one of the cards, he has drawn and colored a red colored heart with a little arrow passing through it. I know you’ll are going….AWWWWW.

With him around, how I can be my skeptical self? For a brief moment, I turn into a die-hard romanticist and hope that all the lucky stars will align and he’ll meet his girl soon. Well, not too soon. I want to be his girl for as long as I can because he gives the most soulful hugs ever. I am not kidding. It is like he knows the art and science of hugging. He knows how to get my Oxytocin pumping.

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Give a nice long hug to all your V’s and an extra special long hug to that extra special one. That is what I intend to do this weekend. I know a few of my friends are going all out this Valentine’s day to make it extra special. I’ve seen them buy watches from WatchShopping, special chocolates and jewellery so I’m looking forward to hearing how much their other halves love the gifts.

Now, if you are going to be seeing me this weekend, don’t freak me out by suddenly rolling me in for a 20-second+ hug without warning me. Because, my right punch has caused several terrible knockouts in the last few decades. You won’t even see it coming.

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