Chasing Marathoner Kumar – 3M Half Marathon in Austin

I lost track of how many marathons and relays he has run.
I lost track of the medals he has garnered.
I lost track how many pictures I have clicked.
I lost track of the countless runners the boys have cheered and hi-fied.
I lost track of how many miles I have chased him in my car.
I lost track of how my spirit soars as I watch the power of the human spirit from the sidelines.
I lost track of all that.
It is a blur.

However, today was special for many reasons:

  • Kumar’s first marathon after our move to Austin.
  • Kumar shared the trail with 2 friends who were first time marathoners.
  • Adi was in the front row passenger seat helping me and his aunt Rema  navigate the road blocks…so, we can meet and cheer for his Dad and Uncles.
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