Curry Leaves have Medicinal Properties

If you think that gold, diamond and platinum are some of the most precious things on the planet, you haven’t gotten a small bottle of homemade karuveppilai podi (curry leaves powder) from your girl friends yet.

Curry leaves have medicinal properties – packed with carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, phosphorous, irons and vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E. Nothing can beat the fresh flavor (taste, smell and texture) of homemade curry leaves powder.


Making karuveppilai podi is an elaborate process. First, you spread the curry leaves and let it dry until all the moisture is gone. Then, you remove the curry leaves from the stalk and dry roast in small batches with spices. Finally, you dry grind it with salt Does that sound like a simple three step process? It is not.

The small bottle of homemade karuveppilai podi that I was gifted by my girl friends contains 1000s of curry leaves and several hours of labor of love.

Next time you hear buzz words like “clean”, “green” or “precious”, think a small bottle of homemade karuveppilai podi. It is the cleanest, greenest energy on the planet. Plus, it comes with more care and love than I can return in my lifetime. Blessed and thankful for it every micro-second of my life.

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