How would You React to the Wrong Order Delivered?

I pride myself on being very low maintenance in many things and kind in many ways. Except things like integrity, quality of work etc. I am a sucker for strict adherence to these values because of my Grandpa’s strong influence on me during my early years.

So, on most things I am very low maintenance. For example, food. Serve food to me cold, salty and all messed up and I will still complement you. Because, I appreciate the great effort and beautiful heart behind it.

I also have a very high tolerance level – both physical and mental.

Think physical tolerance – 2 boys without epidural, bagging Mt. Whitney peak at 14,500 feet 22 miles round trip in 19 hours with 25 lbs backpack.

My mental tolerance beats my physical tolerance in many ways.

Side note: That said, my BS tolerance is waning very rapidly as I age. And, guess what? I am at an age (and given my freakishly high intuition levels and ever growing knowledge of the brain, body language and psychology) when I can spot BS from several miles away. When I spot BS, I won’t make a big hue and cry. I simply don’t have the time for that anymore.

Anyways, with that in the background, let me narrate the happenings from today afternoon.

I had the most wonderful lunch date with a new friend.

I ordered basil thai fried rice. The waiter was a new guy at the restaurant and told us he was learning the ropes. My friend and I were deep in conversation as he brought a veggie curry with white rice. I noticed it. But, let it slide.

Because, I am on a see-food diet.
I see food.
I eat it in moderation.
And, appreciate it. That is my Dad’s teaching. He always told me to be thankful for food…whatever form it was in.

So, I enjoyed the pow wow and the chow!

But, here is a thought that remains with me. I could have very kindly told the waiter that he brought in the wrong order…and that I was ok with it….and gently warned him to be more careful next time. By doing that simple act, I could have saved him the disappointment (or even the angry complaint!) of a future customer.

There is no black and white….only shades of grey. 
There is no right or wrong in any of our experiences. 
They are just life experiences.

I am curious. What would YOU have done and why YOU would have done that? Be cognizant of the fact that most of us make these little decisions in life in auto pilot mode. We don’t over think.

What is your first gut reaction?

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