Food is One of the Most Important Connectors

Food is one of the most important connectors.

Food connects generations.
Food connects friends.
Food connects family.

Doesn’t the aroma, the texture, the taste, the sight of food always remind us of days long gone? Of meals shared together many years ago. That memory of togetherness stays with us….still fresh…like we are in present there at the dining table with friends and family.

May be it is the aroma of brewing coffee that reminds us of Amma’s filter coffee.
May be it is the way I try to make mom’s recipe of parrapu podi for the boys.
May be it is the way I try my best to do karthigi adai to keep my MIL’s recipe alive.
May be it is my attempt at making sabodana khichdi today evening.

It reminds me of my lovely girl friend Gargi. She makes the best sabodana khichdi on the planet. She has also got a few more recipes up her sleeves. Her grandma’s recipe of mouth watering ladoo and her spicy rajma curry are to die for.

Bon Appetite!

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