Does Water Freeze at 0 degrees?

Temperatures have been near freezing in Austin.
Close to 32 degrees F or slightly above.

Given my undying curiosity, here is what I did.

Couple of days ago, I put a couple of cups of water outside the porch.
One was a paper cup. The other one was a metal cup.

I checked in the morning yesterday and was disappointed to find that water hadn’t frozen.

Water is supposed to freeze at 32 degrees F / 0 degrees C, right? That is what we studied in elementary science class, remember?

Later yesterday evening, I got in hurriedly into the van to pick up Ari.

Bingo!! I saw this cup (the boys must have left it there with water) with slushy looking water…..almost frozen.

Can the scientists among you explain why the water in the other cups (the paper and metal) cups didn’t freeze?

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