Beautiful Red Ornament

I hope you enjoy the serendipity and ephemeral beauty in this shot (much like our life!) as much as I did.

Here is the story behind the picture.

Adi was dressed in a red/black coat yesterday. It was chilly. So, I insisted he put gloves on. He obliged. Notice how the black gloves match the upper portion of his coat in this picture?

We decided to do a small hike near Lake Austin. The trail was decorated with Christmas ornaments.

Side note: It seems to be a common practice for volunteers to decorate road side and highway side trees during the month of December. What a great idea!

Due to the strong winds, a few of the Christmas ornaments had fallen down on the trail side. Adi and Ari tried to pick up the ornaments and put them back on the trees again.

As they were doing this, I was clicking some pictures of the beautiful Lake Austin.

Adi had his gloves closed as he ran up to me and said “Amma, looks what is in this clam shell.”

I said “What?”

He slowly opened up the clam likes gloves to reveal this beautiful red ornament.

Notice how the red color in his coat plays off with the red colored ornament and the black color in his coat plays off with the black colored clam-like gloves?!

I click a 1000 pictures. And, then I click a gem like this one.

Happy Holidays!

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