Accepting the Love in a New Friend’s Outstretched Hands

Since our relocation in August, this question tops the list – “How are boys doing and adjusting?”

I have been responding back with these quick and short answers-
“They are doing good.”
“Adapting well.”
“Kids are so resilient.”

Today, I would like to introduce you to a beautiful angel who walked into Ari’s life recently.

Her name is Pai. She is one of Ari’s first friends at his school.

He reports back to me every week.

“Amma, Pai and I had lunch together.”

“Amma, Pai taught me how to make dolphin sounds”.

“Amma, my teacher moved desks this month. I can’t sit near Pai anymore. I am so sad.”

“Amma, Pai and I traded a pink highlighter and pencil squishy.”

I met Pai’s mom for the first time at the class Christmas Party. She is the class mom. Creative and energetic. She was running around to help everybody…the kids and the volunteers.

The apple never falls too far away from the apple tree.

It requires a generous heart to make friends with the new kid on the block and sit with him for lunch. That is what Pai did. God bless her heart.

It requires a strong heart to leave everything familiar behind and accept the love in a new friend’s outstretched hands. That is what Ari did. God bless his heart.

There is lots of things we can learn from a couple of first graders.
Don’t you think so?

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