Settling down in Texas

I am writing to give you an update that is overdue. Boys and I are doing well. They have started going to school.

I didn’t realize that the word RELOCATION means so many, many things. Despite my freakish super-organized persona, I am having such a crazy time handling all the curve balls that this move is throwing at me.

I have had so many calls and messages asking how we are doing. I am so sorry. I haven’t been able to return your emails and voicemails. I promise. I will call you back in a few weeks and give you all the updates.

This message wouldn’t be complete without thanking all the folks who have been reaching out to help Kumar and me.

Here is a shoutout to my great neighbors who have been helping Kumar for the last few weeks while I am away in Texas.

Ami, Rajesh, Trushna, Swapnil, Kavita, Vipul, Subha, Veda, and more – You guys have been taking such good care of Kumar that he doesn’t want to leave. He is been telling me “I am getting such good food while you are away wink emoticon So, I have changed my mind. I think I am going to stay back in San Ramon”. Thank YOU Friends for watching over him.

Here is a shoutout to all of the Texas folks (family, old friends and new friends) who have been welcoming us and helping us setlle down.

Rema, Adi, Sridhar – Thank you Rema. I wouldn’t know what I would do without your steadfast support. You have been answering my questions and putting me in touch with all the right people. It is so AWESOME to have family close by. Trust me – the “scrabble-cheater” has met his match with the boys wink emoticon

Sukanya, Balu, Dhravin – Thank you Sukanya for all the “Austin Insider” chats. I cant’ wait to go see Temple Texas with you. The boys have been asking me when they can meet Dhravin again.

Raghu, Prabha, Kavya – Thank you Raghu and Prabha for sharing so many useful Austin tips. The boys have already fallen in love with big-sister Kavya and they can’t wait to see lil-boy Kapil wink emoticonThey have got their eyes on your air hockey setup as well wink emoticon

Vivianne – Thank you Vivianne for all that you do to help me. We have to continue our “Came with 1 suitcase” stories while we get Bella and Rainbow together. Soon?

Joe, Rose, Gloria – Thank you for the warm welcome!! I know we’ll keep bumping into each other.

Joe – I have fallen in love with your community. So, I am going to keep on my dark blue nail polish as a sign of my loyalty to you. I’ll just have to remember to keep my hands in my jeans pocket when treading on “other” territory. Does that sound like a plan?

Anbu, Akila – Thank you for making us feel a part of the Austin Tamil community already!!

Poornima, Suja – Thank you for the insider scoop about Austin. I am looking forward to meeting you in-person soon.

Tony, Sheela – Yeah!! I know which highway to take to come visit you in Dallas/Plano and partake of the Christmas festivities.

Shanti – I can almost taste your Christmas cake. I will come visit you during Christmas.

Vidhya, Malar, Gayathri, Palani, Ebby, Swarna – Thank you for all the “Texas” chats. We’ll come visit you soon. Drop by to see us in Austin.

Avinash – Thank you for offering to help us move and settle down. Can’t wait to take the boys kayaking with you.

Courtney, John – As per the pact we made couple of days ago, I can’t wait to grow (more?!) grey hair besides the both of you in the new couple of decades. Are you whetting your appetite for the Indian food that we spoke about? I will drop by for coffee soon.

Thank you all for the tremendous support!!

The person who has stolen my heart in the last 3 weeks is Ravi (Rema’s friend). He knew that Kumar and I were driving 1800 miles over a span of 3 days from San Ramon, CA to Austin, TX with 2 boys, a dog and a few (and by that, I mean, VERY FEW) bare essentials in the trunk of our minivan. So, to show his support, he showed up 15 minutes before we arrived in our Austin apartment. He told me that he just wanted to be there “To welcome you. To make you feel like you belonged.” Thank you Ravi. Thank you Rema for the great introduction!!

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