Moving to Texas The Lone Star State

Dear Bay Area Friends,

There are many things I suck at. Saying goodbye tops that list. I just can’t bring myself to say goodbye to anybody.

I can’t break away from a friend’s hug. You have probably noticed by now that I will let go of our hug only after you have done it.

I can’t do short goodbyes. You have probably noticed by now that it takes me a full one hour to say goodbye at parties.

So, please forgive me in advance for what I am about to say.

Side story: Cowboys. I have had a lil girl crush on them since my childhood days. Too many Clint Eastwood movies during my childhood. I figured it is about time that I go check out some cow boys. When I discussed this with Kumar…he said “Yes”!! Turns out he has had a big crush on cow girls too. So, it all works out, right?

Here is the news: We are moving to Texas. Without saying goodbyes.

I am excited, I’m thinking of buying some Boulet Boots just for the move! But, I am also feeling sad at the thought of leaving all of you and our beloved Bay Area.

Thank you for all the amazing moments you have given us.

Every fun and sad moment,
Every crazy and wild moment,
Every meaningless and momentous moment,
Every moment that became beautiful because we shared it,
Every moment..will be etched in my memory for a life time.

I know what you are going to say “Ambal, Cowboys, seriously? Really? I could have arranged for a few hundreds of them to be dropped off at San Ramon Valley. That could have helped you crush that childhood crush. Don’t leave. Stay. There is so many decades of togetherness for us.”

Hear me out. Please.

During my childhood, besides the cowboys, I also grew to love Ulysses and his buddies as I poured through Tennyson. So, I am heading East for more adventure.

“To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield”.

I know you will come visit us soon. So, I am going to setup an awesome looking guest bedroom. I am also going to urge Kumar to learn and perfect the Texan bbq. Deal?

I will be waiting (as always, impatiently) at Austin airport with my “please forgive me” grin and open arms. So, come visit us soon.

Thank you to our sweet neighbors who have been feeding us and helping us in the last week and thank you to all our Texas friends and family who have been welcoming us with open arms.

I am truly sorry I didn’t call and stop by to say goodbye. I know you have a big heart. So, I know you’ll forgive me.


Thank you for the good wishes and messages. I couldn’t return many messages and voicemails today because I am overwhelmed with all the curve balls that a move bring into one’s life. Please bear with me.

Some of you asked how you can help with the move. Thank you for reaching out to help. Here is my ask. If you have a friend or family in Austin, make an intro to Kumar and me. We would love it.

Here is a sample of the reactions to the move that made me laugh the most:

  • Don’t you dare BS me with that cowboy story.The Democrats secretly hired you to paint the red state blue. There you go. That is my conspiracy theory and it is a damn good one.
  • Traffic into Austin is going to increase starting today.
  • WTF!? Is this some sort of mid life crisis? Forget the cowboys. Stay with nice guy Kumar.
  • Are you kidding me? There are no pictures to shoot in Texas. You are going to lose your mind.
  • Do you realize there are no mountains to hike on that side?
  • Why are you doing this crazy? Are you afraid of the “big 4” (surprise) birthday party? Ok. Tell you what. We will cancel the party and pretend that you are 20. Will that do? Damn it. The things one has to do for you.
  • Are you going to start carrying a g** now? I have to warn Kumar to not start an argument with you.

Thank you for all the love. Thank you for all the laughs. I will miss you’ll very very much.

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