Saying Goodbye to India after Our Summer Trip

That is how the window looked as our flight pulled out from Chennai.

It was pouring.

Not just outside.

Inside too.

The boys and me cried a lot as the flight took off from Chennai.

We were so loved and so cared for by family and friends.

We received so many hugs and so many kisses.

We said so many joyful hellos and so many tearful goodbyes.

We ate so much food cooked out of love.

We traveled all over via bus, taxi, car, flights and trains.

We had family and friends waiting for us at road sides, train stations and bus stands.

We were picked up and dropped off with so much care.

We saw so much beauty in people’s hearts and in beautiful TamilNadu.

We had such a great time in India. Short. But incredibly sweet.

Thank you to all of our family and friends who made it such a great trip. I’ve already been looking at Cheap Flights so we can go back!

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