Dear India, Here We Come!

It has been 4 long years. So much has happened on both the coasts.

I am finally packing the bags and getting the boys ready.

Dear India, here we come.

So excited at the thought of meeting friends and family.

Message me if you will be in Tamil Nadu (Chennai or Tiruchy or Tiruneveli) this summer.

Post Note:
Thank you for all messages, emails and phone calls. Overwhelmed with all the “have a good trip” and “welcome home” messages.

What made me laugh the most is all the comments and messages and queries about how many pictures I will clicking during the India trip. Here is my response borrowed from Tamil poet Kannadasan – “which beauty can we carry in which eyes?”

The number of pictures I am planning on capturing is going to be immaterial.  No matter what I do and how much I try, I can never capture the beauty that is  India.

Is that not true?

The only thing I am going to do is to experience each moment as it unfolds before my eyes.

Thanks again for all the warm wishes.

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