Remember to Forget

“To be able to forget means sanity.”
Jack London, The Star Rover

Have you ever found yourself at a point where you have to remind yourself to forget and let go?

I have had a rough month.  I have to know how to find the calm in the storm. I typically turn to books and poetry to find sanity.

Poet Kannadasan is one of my favorites

The speciality of Kannadasan lies in his simplicity for the choice of words. His words capture the insights and the understanding he had about life. Many a times, it seems to me, that he wrote the poem because he knows me. He knows my exact challenges.

That is exactly how all his fans feel. Isn’t that a great wonder? To connect with somebody through one’s words.

Here is part of the poem transliterated in English:

Irandu Manam Vaendum, Iraivanidam Ketten
Ninaithu Vaada Ondru, Marandu Vaazha Ondru.

Iravum Pagalum Irandanaal, Inbam Thunbam Irandanaal
Uravum Pirivum Irandanaal, Ulam Ondru Pothathey

Here is part of the poem in Tamil with English translation:

இரண்டு மனம் வேண்டும் இறைவனிடம் கேட்பேன்
நினைத்து வாட ஒன்று மறந்து வாழ ஒன்று
இரண்டு மனம் வேண்டும் இறைவனிடம் கேட்பேன்
நினைத்து வாட ஒன்று மறந்து வாழ ஒன்று

I need 2 hearts
I have asked God
One heart to remember and be sad
Another heart to forget and live on
இரவும் பகலும் இரண்டானால்
இன்பம் துன்பம் இரண்டானால்

உறவும் பிரிவும் இரண்டானால்
உள்ளம் ஒன்று போதாதே
If day and night are 2 different things,
If happiness and sadness are 2 different things,
If togetherness and separation are 2 different things,
Then, 1 heart is not enough

Love and Peace.

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