Exploring the Exploratorium

First things first. Familiarize yourself with 2 Tamil words.

Akkal – ஆக்கல்
Akkal means to create.

Azhikal – அழிகல்
Azhikal means to destroy.

I was at The Exploratorium in San Francisco yesterday. For the very first time.

I have been to many museums. As of yesterday, The Exploratorium tops the list.

It was huge. It had many hands-on exhibits.

I became a kid amongst the kids. Every child (and by that I mean all the adults who became children as well) touched the exhibits. They played with the exhibits.

I could literally see and hear the neurons making connections in the children’s brains. Snap. Snap.

I could see all the girls (god bless their hearts) exploring. My heart brimmed. These children are going to be the scientists of tomorrow.

These children are going to save the world tomorrow.

Here is a picture that struck me the most.

Exploring the Exploratorium - Ambal Balakrishnan

The Big Brother. Dr. Robert Oppenheimer.
Father of the atomic bomb.
Azhikal. அழிகல். To destroy.

The Little Brother. Dr. Frank Oppenheimer.
Founder of the Exploratorium.
Akkal. ஆக்கல். To create.

I closed my eyes for a second. I wondered how much creation happens in that museum?

I said “Thank you Dr. Oppenheimer. Wish I had met you in person”.

He said “You have. I am here with you. Aren’t I? In all these exhibits.”

Now let us come back to the Akkal and Azhikal story.

Don’t judge anybody by what their family did or does.
Don’t judge anybody. Period.

Go visit The Exploratorium. Tell Dr. Oppenheimer that Ambal sent you.

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