Sickness in Winter

I came home to see this.
Adi was slouching on the couch.

Ear hurting.
Head hurting.
Bundled up.
Drinking hot tea to sooth his throat.

Of all the diagnosis that Dr. Kumar (for the record: my husband isn’t a doctor, this is a title I have given him when he diagnosis problems) has made about me, the top diagnosis is #OCD.

Despite my #OCD-like symptoms which including furious cleaning and urging everybody in the house to be clean, Adi fell sick today.

Because of “sick” symptoms yesterday evening, he asked me to write a note yesterday night to his PE teacher to be excused from the mandatory 1 mile run today. I did write the note. But, given the trooper he is, he reported back today evening that he did not use the note. He ran and set a personal-record. Despite the sickness and a terrible headache.

As a parent, one of the the hardest things to watch is your child lying down on the couch with a fever.

All evening long, I am going to be singing Bharathiyar’s (one of my favorite Tamil poets) lines to Adi:
shaTru mukham shivandAl manadu sancalamAgudaDi
neTri shurungak-kaNDAl enakku nenjam padaikkudaDI
un kaNNil nIr vazhindAl ennenjil udiram koTTudaDi
en kaNNin pAvaiyenrO kaNNammA ennuyir ninradanrO

If your face turns to discomfort, even momentarily, my heart is disturbed
When I see your forehead wrinkle, my heart flutters with fear
If I even see small droplets of tears in your eyes, a whole river of blood flows in my heart
(because) You’re the light of my eyes, my life is yours

Here is the full song

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