Desiderata – Desired Things

Perhaps it was because of the cold weather.
Perhaps it was because of too many “issues” plaguing my mind.
Perhaps because it is almost end of the year and I am reflecting on life with all it beautiful and sad moments.

Dylan (Adi’s piano teacher and a good friend of mine) and I were having a chat yesterday evening and somewhere along way the I said “Dylan, You know me. I am a die hard optimist. I believe the glass is always half full. I believe in goodness. I hate to say this. But, somehow I am beginning to think the good times are behind us. The goodness we saw as we were growing up is all past us. The simple times are gone…..”

Dylan couldn’t wait to cut me off. He probably couldn’t bear to see his optimistic friend in melancholia.

He read Desiderata out to me. “Desiderata” (Latin: “desired things”) is a 1927 prose poem by American writer Max Ehrmann.

Desiderata - Desired Things - Ambal Balakrishnan

As he started reading the poem, I felt this huge lump in my throat. As he continued reading the poem, my spirit soared.

I hope this poem lifts your spirit as much as it did mine.

Read this poem to yourself. Aloud. With passion and energy.
Read the poem to your near and dear ones.

Feel good about yourself and everything that surrounds you.
There is goodness. All around us.
We live in the best of times.
We are meant to be.
We are where we are needed the most.
Life is beautiful. In all its glory.

Thank you Dylan.

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