Content Marketing Showcase Series # 10 French Connection YouTube Channel

Name: Youtique: French Connection’s Twitter Handle

Social Media has become a deeply integrated aspect of content marketing strategy. YouTube is one great social networking tool that helps brands to reach out to their customers in real time. What to wear is the biggest dilemma when comes to Fashion wear. Fashion retailer French Connection knew how often its target audience was asking this question, and happily responded by creating a YouTube channel: Youtique. The company combines the mini-video format of YouTube with the ethos of the Home Shopping Network to offer women snack-sized personal shopping videos based on occasion. In short, it’s every woman’s dream.

Type of Content: You Tube Channel

Why is this cool content marketing?
1. ‘Youtique’ is a collection and compilation of bite-sized fashion videos that inspire customers what to wear for every occasion. There are videos that discuss fashion trends, fashion tips, as well as its television commercials. The design of the channel incorporates links to its online store, Twitter, Facebook, email newsletter and blog.

2. ‘Youtique’ is the very first ‘webshop’ on YouTube. It’s not the entire shop, but definitely one of the smartest online shopping windows we have ever seen.

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