Social Media Marketing Tools Series #1 Bottlenose

Social Media Marketing has become an integral part of any brand’s marketing activities. One of the key aspects of the Social Media Marketing is that you need to be aware (on a constant basis) of what your customers are saying about your brand online. So won’t it be great if you have a tool where you can observe what people are talking about your brand on various social media networks?

Bootlenose is one of such interesting tool.

What is Bottlenose
Bottlenose provides a live view of “who is paying attention to what” across all the major social networks. This helps you discover what’s really going on with your audiences, brands, campaigns, and competitors. The Bottlenose engine measures the online content in real-time so the Marketers get a clear understanding of what’s emerging, spreading and trending around any topic. It’s not just analytics but discovery of real-time data.

Here are 5 interesting features that make Bottlenose unique

1. All streams in one place With the help of Bottlenose, you can have live streams from all your social media channels in one place and this will make the monitoring easy.

2. Live interactive visualizations of what’s trending around any topic.

3. Discover emerging topics, links, photos, messages and people.

4. Search and engage across all the major social networks at once. Get valuable insights about your brand and community.

5. Track and manage all your social accounts in one dashboard. You can also Monitor, filter, and get alerted.

How can marketers leverage the Bottlenose?

1. Listening. Live social listening, social analytics, discovery and insights.

2. Management: Marketers can use Bottlenose for community management and engagement. Monitoring of various Social media campaigns can also be carried out with Bottlenose.

Bottlenose has various products and plans. For more details, please visit

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