Content Marketing Showcase Series # 6 Zappos’ digital lifestyle magazine

Name:  ZN : Zappos’ digital lifestyle magazine. is an online shoe and apparel shop.  Zappos has grown to become the largest online shoe store. Zappos’ digital lifestyle magazine iPad app, ZN shares the latest fashion trends. Over the years, Zappos has been moving toward selling more than shoes and has been successful in integrating compelling stories with reviews on ZN.

Type of Content: iPad app.

Why is this cool content marketing?

1. Content to commerce: One can purchase any product of Zappos directly from the iPad through ZN app. This option is a great example of content to commerce strategy.

2. User generated content:  In ZN app you’ll find trends, stylist’s tips, up-and-coming designers, gifting ideas, galleries created by users like you, and much more! Zappos has effectively used user generated content.

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