Content Marketing Tools Series #7 Curata

About Curata

Curata is a content curation tool and content curation is all about how to market the content. Curata is a comprehensive, business-grade, content curation solution that automates the tedious tasks (search, organizing, and publishing) while giving you complete, centralized control of the human tasks (evaluation, contextualizing, and approval).

Here are interesting 4 features that make Curata unique

  1. Better search: Curata has a powerful search and data management engines that scan the web 24/7.
  1. Intuitive dashboard: Curata offers an intuitive dashboard that streamlines reviewing, evaluating, and contextualizing.
  1. A top grade content creation toolset: Curata has features like Push-button tools for publishing, sharing, and promoting your curated and original content.
  1. Artificial Intelligence: Another unique and interesting feature is the smart artificial intelligence technologies like natural language processing that learn based on your content approval patterns.

How can marketers leverage Curata? 

       1. Help in staying focused: Content curation is all about helping people make sense of all the information on a particular topic. Curata helps the content marketers to consistently publish a comprehensive and highly focused stream of relevant information that meets the needs of a specific target group.

      2. Flexible options: Curata offers various flexible options to marketers. That includes

Publish blogs, web sites, news sites, RSS feeds, social media content, newsletters, and more. You have to host your content at a sub-domain of your existing site, or at a separate topic-specific URL and Curata saves you time and money.

     3. End to end content curation capability: For content marketers, Curata is the only business grade solution that provides end-to-end content curation capability. 

Industry Examples, Connance addresses the cash flow issues facing the healthcare business office on a daily basis, particularly relating to self-pay. Connance use Curata for their news letter.

Plans and Pricing

Curata has various interesting subscription plans for corporates.  For more details on pricing and various plans, please visit

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