Content Marketing Showcase Series # 5 My Starbucks Idea

NameMy Starbucks Idea

Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world, based inSeattle,Washington. They have come up with a community site named ‘My Starbucks Idea’ where anybody can come and share ideas. The ideas are split into three, Product ideas, Experience ideas and Involvement ideas.

Type of Content: Community site

Why is this cool content marketing?

1. The power of crowd sourcing: ‘My Starbucks Idea’ is a smart way of crowd sourcing ideas. Not only that you can share your ideas, but you can have a look at others ideas and also comment on them too.

2. Result oriented:  ‘My Starbucks Idea’ is not just a community where you leave the ideas and forget it. The ideas, once reviewed and found useful will be made into action. By doing this, you are recognizing the persons who had contributed the ideas and this inturn will motivate the community members to share more ideas.

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