Content Marketing Showcase Series # 3 The Eloqua Blog Tree

Name:  Eloqua
Eloqua helps clients accelerate revenue growth with powerful insight to inform marketing and sales decisions today that drive revenue tomorrow. Eloqua automates the science of marketing – campaign execution, testing, measurement, prospect profiling, and lead nurturing – allowing marketers to acquire customers.
Type of Content: Infographic
Why is this cool content marketing?
1. Infographic: The Eloqua Blog Tree depicts the infographic concept at its finest. The   Blog Tree reveals the technological roots of successful marketing blogs, the main branches of the blogs’ subject areas and the relative popularity of the individual blogs themselves.2. Result oriented:  As a result of publishing The Blog Tree, Eloqua boosted its average blog views by a factor of 40, collected 175 inbound links, inspired more than 700 tweets and 2,500 Facebook page impressions and turned at least 49 viewers into sales opportunities or closed deals.

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