Content Marketing Tools Series #4 Outbrain

Helping Readers Discover Interesting ContentAbout Outbrain

One of the biggest challenges faced by Marketers is in driving the right audience to content efficiently.Outbrain is an interesting tool that helps in solving that problem.

Outbrain, founded in 2006 and headquartered in New York powers content recommendations helps people discover great new content to read online. Outbrain promotes almost all types of content -videos, advertorial, corporate blog posts, positive product reviews and conversations about your brand.

Here are 5 interesting features that make Outbrain unique

1.        Driving Traffic: Outbrain helps in bringing traffic to your great content.

2.        High Clickthrough Rates: Outbrain clickthrough rates are the highest when compared to others and that makes Outbrain  more cost efficient than most other forms of marketing.

3.        High Reader Retention: Readers who discover content through Outbrain spend more time on the marketer’s site than readers coming to your website via organic search.

4.        Pay for the Traffic: You can promote as much content as you want, and you pay only for the traffic that you receive.

5.        Insights: Insights are very keen when it comes to content marketing. Outbrain provides insights into which of your content readers find interesting and sharable, helping you refine your content and media strategy. No additional creative, campaign set up or optimization is required.

How can marketers leverage Outbrain?

1.        A tool to drive traffic: Using Outbrain marketers can drive more traffic to your website.

2.        Amplify social media campaign: People are discussing your brand online every day. Consumers always listen to positive, authentic voices written by independent 3rd parties that serve as powerful endorsement of your brand. Using Outbrain, you can keep the momentum going and expose millions to press releases, media coverage and positive product reviews.

3.        Audience development for your corporate blog: Outbrain helps in building a dedicated follower base for your blog.

Industry Examples

Slate: An Online magazine of news, politics, and culture. Outbrain’s recommendation engine has helped in increasing lift and revenue from displaying reader friendly links to other pieces of content.  It also helped in increasing engagement.

The Seattle Times: An online portal for 24 hour daily local news, sports, arts and entertainment. Outbrain’s widgets helped in delivering better results. The users found the recommendations to be relevant and interesting. Just a few months after launching, Outbrain has driven millions of page views on and a terrific click-through rate.

Plans and Pricing

Outbrain has free service and paid version. There are various plans for Publishers and Marketers. For more details on pricing and various plans, please visit

Checkout the Pllop on Outbrain here.

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