Content Marketing Tools Series #3 SlideDeck

About SlideDeck

It’s not necessary that you have a great content, you present it to people and they readily appreciate it. How you present that content is equally crucial for its success and reach. They way you present your content in an interesting and creative way also plays a key role in its acceptance.  SlideDeck helps in organising any type of content into a beautiful, customizable and user-friendly slideshow.

Here are interesting 4 features that make SlideDeck unique

1WordPress admin integration: The WordPress version of SlideDeck integrates seamlessly into the admin interface, allowing you to be up and running in minutes

2Handling mixed content: One of the major drawbacks of almost all the slide sharing tools is that you can only use images or use the same template for each slide. In SlideDeck you can use any types of content, i.e images, videos.

3. Dual-axis sliding: Here is another interesting feature, SlideDeck PRO lets you explore your content both horizontally and vertically within one presentation. Now you can move your slides vertically and horizontally.

4. Touchscreen compatible: Quite useful feature where the number of people who access your content from smart phones and tabs.

How can marketers leverage SlideDeck?

Here are some interesting ways in which Marketers can make use of SlideDeck,

1. Work effectively: Save hours of development time for creating custom sliders.

2. Be creative and attract more prospects: You can create varied slides within one presentation and by doing so avoid repetition.

Industry Examples, a site for pop music has used SlideDeck for showcasing various Bands.,  a site that helps in tracking out what users do in a particular website.

Plans and Pricing

SlideDeck comes in SD Lite and SD Pro with lots of interesting and useful features. For more details on pricing and various plans, please visit

Checkout the Pllop on SlideDeck here 

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