Content Marketing Tools Series #2 Brainshark

Online and Mobile Video Presentation Tool

About Brainshark

Brainshark is an interesting content marketing tool that enables you to easily create, share and track online and mobile video presentations.  Brainshark on-demand video presentations – which you can create quickly and easily – provide a high impact, low cost means of communicating important and timely information.

Here are 2 interesting features that make Brainshark unique

1.        Easy to create and share

Creating online video presentations is quick and easy to do with Brainshark. Once you have content (PowerPoints, documents, photos or video clips) ready, you need to login Brainsharkaccount, upload the content and then optionally add audio by phone, microphone or MP3 upload. Brainshark also provides sharing option for the content you’ve created. The presentations can be shared as links in an email, posted to social media sites or embedded in blogs or websites.

2.        Analytics

Brainshark provides unparalleled capabilities to track the viewing activity and collect interactive feedback from your audience, so you can actually measure how impactful your content is.

Analytics is key in any online content marketing. Once your presentations are viewed, you can track the viewing details, including who viewed it, what they viewed, when they viewed and even where they viewed it. You can receive email alerts with the viewing data or log in to yourBrainshark account to access online dashboards and reports. The analytics helps to measure the effectiveness of your communications and prioritize follow-up activity with viewers.

How can Marketers leverage the Brainshark?

Here are some interesting ways in which Marketers can make use of Brainshark,

1.   Business Communication Tool:    Brainshark is a powerful business communication solution for any enterprise. Brainshark can be used by companies across all industries to deliver impactful and measurable video communications.

2.   Demand Generation Tool:   Brainshark can be used in Marketing as a tool to power demand generation programs and increase the quality and quantity of leads.

Industry Examples

Aviva group has used Brainshark videos as online presentation for marketing staff.

Knowledge Institute, a leader in entrepreneurial education and developmentusesBrainshark to deliver course in Entrepreneurship.

 Plans and Pricing

Brainshark has various plans for Individuals (My Brainshark, Pro and Pro Trainer) and for Enterprises (Brainshark Presentation).

For more details on pricing and various plans, please visit

Checkout the Pllop on Brainshark here

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