Future of Marketing – Listen. Educate. Engage.

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Future of Marketing - Listen. Educate. Engage- Ambal Balakrishnan

We marketers are busy in the trenches…..we often find ourselves short on time to stop,  think and plan to harness the fantastic power of  tools that today’s technology provides us.

I have found the following three-step approach is a simple way leverage technology to do personalized marketing.

Step 1. Listen. Use professional listening tools like Radian6, or perhaps,  just a simple keyword search across relevant blogs and forums  to listen to what are the burning issues facing your target market.

Step 2. Educate. Create Compelling Content and use distribution channels like newsletters, YouTube or  SlideShare to distribute that content to your target audience.

Step 3. Engage. Social media tools like blogs and twitter have leveled the customer engagement playing field and made it absolutely easy for us marketers  to hold meaningful conversations with our customers and prospects

In summary, listen, educate and engage by walking with your potential customer… throughout their buying journey. Don’t lead, don’t follow, just walk with them and watch miracles happen.

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