Future of Marketing – Technology Enabled Personalized Marketing

Customers have very heterogeneous needs.  So, it indeed is challenging for us marketers to personalize marketing.

Let us address 2 questions.
Question 1. What will personalization help us achieve?  
Personalized marketing will help us marketers engage meaningfully with different  target audiences.

Question 2. How to personalize marketing?

Follow the ICE Formula .
I – Identify your Buyer Persona.
A buyer persona is not just a zombie – but a profile based on your understanding of a real customer and their real wants.
C – Create Compelling Content
Don’t just talk about your product or service.  Instead, create an ebook, newsletter, video or podcast and educate your potential customer on how you can solve their burning problem.
E – Engage Meaningfully via Social Media 
Use every contact with a potential buyer as an opportunity to listen and learn. Engage and educate them.

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