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Where are the new marketing investments being made? We asked Jon Miller “What are key marketing trends and predictions for 2010? What actions should marketers take in 2010?”. Jon Miller is VP of Marketing at Marketo, the fastest growing marketing automation vendor.

Jon Miller

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Leads from inbound sources convert to revenue much better than leads from traditional sources

Jon Miller’s Marketing Prediction for 2010

Over the last 10 years, marketing investments have moved from brand advertising to highly measurable direct methods. But even today, leads that come from word of mouth, referrals, and other inbound sources convert to pipeline and revenue at a much higher rate than leads from traditional demand generation sources. In 2010, the pendulum will begin to swing back to investments in brand, buzz, and awareness – but instead of mass advertising, marketers will invest more in smart ways to build brand such as social media, search engine optimization, and content marketing.

Jon Miller‘s Marketing Action for 2010

Take some of the budget that you would normally allocate to trade shows and list purchases and allocate it to writers that can generate great content and the efforts to promote it. By getting your company’s expertise out there, you create broad awareness and affinity for your brand. Those investments will turn into leads, but they will be very early stage leads. So don’t just send them to sales: be sure to score them to identify the best ones, and nurture and develop the rest with more great content and thought leadership.

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