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Marketers should focus resources by creating a good content strategy. Jonathan Kranz urges B2B brands to make great strides with relevant content and forming communities.  We asked Jonathan Kranz “What are key marketing trends and predictions for 2010? What actions should marketers take in 2010?”. Jonathan Kranz is the author of The eBook eBook: How to Turn Your Expertise Into Magnetic Marketing Material and coauthor of The Content Marketing Playbook. He’s all about writing helpful content.

Jonathan Kranz

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Prospects with desires (and money) seek wisdom; create a content strategy that lures them your way.

Jonathan Kranz’s Marketing Prediction for 2010
Welcome, come in, sit down. I feel an aura from you, but the crystal ball, she’s the temperamental type who prefers some sign of appreciation, something green . . . perhaps with a president’s picture on it . . . Ah, thank you! Yes, the ball, she is speaking to me.

I see confusion as previously unemployed or underemployed workers return to their cubes. Will they retain the social media habits that occupied their long, lonely hours? Will their task masters let them blog, text and Twitter to their hearts’ delights? I see escalating conflict in the workplace. I see brands with parallel identities: an “official” mask sanctioned by the powers that be, and an “underground” persona nurtured in social media . . .

Oh, what’s this? I see world-famous advertising agencies rattling tin cups on Madison Avenue street corners – but rattling them in clever, award-winning ways of course. The economic upturn has not led to significant increases in traditional media buys. There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth – very white teeth.

Ah, but there is good news! Perhaps more of that green . . . ? Thank you! Previously unknown B2B brands are making great strides with relevant content, forming communities that welcome their ideas with interest, respect – and money!

Jonathan Kranz’s Marketing Action for 2010

Beware the Multitask, a hideous beast that pulls its victims in numerous directions at once! Use your Powers of Concentration to fulfill meaningful marketing work.

Listen to your Inner Skeptic. The fad-chasers will exhaust themselves in their pursuits.

You will watch and learn before you take action. Then, you will act decisively!

You will focus your resources by creating a Content Strategy. No more hit-or-miss tactics! With the occult power of strategy, your efforts will find focus. Direction. And greater impact.

Over to you…

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