Key Content Marketing Prediction and Trends

Traditional marketing isn’t going away. Far from it.
But it’s changing like never before at a faster pace than we’ve seen in the last 100 years. With the quickening pace of innovation and change
on the Web, consumers are now in control. They expect much more from companies, and are more fickle with their affinity. Companies that learn the new marketing lessons, and implement them well will be big winners going forward. Those that play by yesterday’s rules will lose.

So what are the new rules? How can you take advantage of new technology, evolving behaviors and hyper-connected consumers to benefit your business? What is the future of content marketing?

Before I get into the details of this book, let me just say that Ambal is one of the most organized, detailed and forward-thinking people I have had the pleasure of working with. What I’ve learned by participating in the production of this book would well be worth the price of a $1000+ conference. So, while I’m sure she’ll thank me as a contributor to the book, let me say a big thank you to Ambal for letting me be part of the process. – Rick Liebling

The genius behind this e-book is Ambal Balakrishnan. She has turned crowd sourcing into an art form. Ambal has recruited 39 experts and given them an opportunity to display their knowledge. She adds her own value by synthesizing the best of those 39 predictions to come up with her own top 10+1. Aside from its intrinsic merit, this e-book is a perfect example of content marketing at work. It delivers relevant and valuable content for marketers that illustrates how savvy its creator, Ambal, is about content marketing. Thus, it gives her instant credibility among potential clients. – Newt Barrett

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