9 Ways People Respond to Your Content Online by Rajesh Setty – A review

We’ve been talking about Content Marketing for some time now, providing you with what we hope are insightful thoughts and advices on building great content. We haven’t approached yet how to measure if your content strategy is proving to be successful or not and thought it was time to do so! Indeed, producing meaningful posts is one thing, but if you can’t engage your audience, you’re wasting both your time and your reader’s time and money. So how can you determine the level of engagement you’re getting from your readers?

Rajesh Setty is a prominent entrepreneur and blogger. If you haven’t had a look at his LifeBeyondCode blog yet, please do! Rajesh has produced a very interesting article last week on Lateral Action called 9 Ways People Respond to Your Content Online. This struck us as a fantastic way to determine how readers are engaging with your content. As you can see from the image above, Rajesh pinpoints 9 elements that describes how readers interact with a piece of writing – it starts with content seen as spam up to content so good you want to subscribe. Simple scale, high impact.

How does your content measure up next to these steps? If most of your content can be classified as high value, congratulations! You’re doing a great job and keep going! If you get very little feedback from your readers, this could mean you create very little engagement with your content. How can you know for sure?

  • No one comments on your blog, though you do get visitors.
  • Your feedburner stats are desperately low.
  • You can’t seem to be able to generate discussions or reactions from other blogs or sources.
  • Your Alexa ranking is decreasing.

These are all elements that could let you think you are not successful at creating content that engages your audience. A great way to remedy to this situation is to ask your readers how you can improve your content. Have a look at Uservoice, a website that enables people to leave feedback and suggestions on your site. You can set up a free profile for people to use. By the way, we would love to know how we can improve this blog. You can share your thoughts on our own Uservoice page, by email or through comments. As Rajesh pointed out, “learn from the feedback and incorporate this learning into your next article.” That’s exactly what we’re intending to do!

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