Social Media Reality Check

A recent study conducted by the CNW group and Leger Marketing brings some much needed statistics on the social media table. Is social media as influential as some tend to believe? You can check out the social media study right here. Here are some interesting numbers for you:

  • 49% use social media at least once a day
  • 31% of consumers agree that social media is more credible than advertising
  • 61% are researching products prior to purchase
  • 25% of users feel better about an organization that practices social media

Social Media Reality Check

The study has been called Reality Check for a reason – it shows that social media does have an influence, but also that people are not willing to put all of their trust in that medium (contrary to what the internet buzz surrounding social media seems to be advertising). Does that mean you should not be investing time with social media tools? Of course not. Brand awareness and monitoring, public discussions and a shift of power towards consumers are all benefits that comes from social networking, and we believe these elements will be integrated into most marketing campaigns in a few years’ time. That being said, it would not be wise to put all your marketing efforts into social media. Instead, the use of these mediums should be a part of your global marketing strategy. This way you’ll get to really harness its power.

Social Media and the White Paper Community

So what does these numbers mean to the white paper community? Should you be investing time and effort into Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, your blog and such things? We believe so. Social media is now being used for internet marketing purposes, but its roots lies in communities, discussions and the connexion of individuals around points of interest. The marketing qualities of this medium represent just another layer around its core. By growing meaningful relationships with other copywriters, vendors and decision makers first, you’ll be laying down the groundwork on which to build your internet marketing strategies. It’s all about relationships!

Have you had success with social media to grow leads and get your white papers seen? Decision makers, have you ever discovered white papers through social media tools?

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